Calculate your savings when using BioSampler systems

Annual production (t/a)
Product value (euros / t)
Yield increase (%)
Samples in a day
Time of analysis per sample including preparation etc. (hours)
Laboratory work cost (euros / hour)
Duration of experiment (days)
Experiments in a year


Sterile sampling from industrial fermentation processes

Sterile sampling from bioreactors – from both development and production scale

Sampling from high-viscosity processes such as pulp mills and paper machines

Sampling from slurry processes such as wastewater treatment units

Sterile sampling from slurry bioethanol fermentations

Connectible to most on-line measurement instruments (HPLC, Mass Spectrometer, FTIR, etc)

Demonstrated successfully in challenging bioprocesses such as

Yeast, bacterial and filamentous fungus cultivations with cell density over 60 g/L cell dry weight (OD >200)

Filamentous fungus cultivations for protein production containing 60 g/L distiller’s spent grain

Bioethanol production containing slurry media