BioSampler Oy is a technology company providing solutions for automated sampling, analysis and control of bioprocesses. Typically in bioprocess industry process operators take samples manually, analyse them and operate the process. Response time is slow, human errors risk the accuracy, quality and productivity. Our technology makes development and optimization of bioprocesses faster and less labour-intensive. By enabling better control of the production processes, yield and productivity are improved and labour costs are reduced using our technology.

The core of our technology is the patented (US8329476) sterile sampling and filtration system developed at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland for automated sampling of slurry and high solid content bioprocess cultivations. Connected to our sample treatment and analysis modules such as HPLC the system provides online data of the substrate and product concentrations during the process.

BioSampler Oy provides a bridge between bioreactor and measurement systems.

Biosampler Oy is a team of engineers and business developers who have in total over 40 years of experience in bioprocess technology, process analytics and entrepreneurship.